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Our Part 1 students embark on a 3-year journey which begins with them becoming aware, understanding, and gaining key knowledge and expertise in Architecture - a discipline which is always deeply entangled with both ‘big’ issues and with everyday lives, and its ‘produce’ directly participates in various intertwined ecologies, including those of the environment, culture, economy, the political, and the aesthetic.

Accompanied in their first year by the Interior Architecture and Design students, Part 1 students engage with the fundamentals of design and, through various explorations, embrace architectural challenges at various scales. Their approaches are enriched in their second year where design investigations and narratives stimulate multifaceted contextual responses.

The final year of undergraduate study brings into sharp focus the socially engaged ethos and matters of concern of the School, where we tackle real situations and scenarios, and support inclusive design thinking where an understanding of and relationship with users is critical. The urban environment is seen as a laboratory for inventive and well-informed design speculations and proposals. The explicit integration of technology and professional practice (as well as humanities through the dissertation if students so choose to) with the studio projects supports students in their understanding of architecture as situated ecologies of multiple ‘actors’.

Roberto Braglia, Course Leader

BA (Hons) Architecture: Welcome
BA (Hons) Architecture: Work


Year 1 Coordinator: Rebecca Galbraith

Year 1 Teaching Team:

Sebastian Aedo, Nicola Crowson, Emma Dalton, Eiman Elbanhawy, Rebecca Galbraith, Aidan Haestier, Dana Hamdan, Darren Leach, Leago Madumo, Pablo Martinez-Capedevila, Yana Nanovska, Tarek Teba, Catherine Teeling, Elizabeth Tuson, Roger Tyrrell, Tod Wakefield

Year 2 Coordinator: Nicola Crowson
Year 2 Teaching Team:

Nicola Crowson, Simon Drayson, Phevos Kallitsis, Yazid Khemri,  Milena Metalkova-Markova, Barbora Melis, Claire Ridout, Guido Robazza, Tarek Teba, Tina Wallbridge

Year 3 Coordinator: Roberto Braglia
Year 3 Teaching team:

Roberto Braglia, Dan Blott, Richard Burgess, Eiman Elbanhawy, Yazid Khemri, Najla Mansour, Yana Nanovska, John Pegg, Claire Ridout, Guido Robazza, Dorte Stollberg, Roger Tyrrell, Katie Wilmot

BA (Hons) Architecture: Text
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