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As an IHBC accredited course, MA Conservation Architecture provides interdisciplinary experience and encourages the exploration of tangible and intangible dimensions of heritage, while preparing sensitive and culturally appropriate interventions to adapt and reuse the historic environment as a major matter of care.

The course aimed at exploring local heritage through the lens of international theoretical and professional frameworks, contextualising conservation design actions without ignoring local and regional planning legislation and conservation laws.

Students from different backgrounds employed their skills in producing interdisciplinary conservation approaches and individualised preservation design decisions. In collaboration with Historic England and English Heritage, the course explored solutions for two key fort structures: Forts Cumberland in Portsmouth and Fort Brockhurst in Gosport, promoting by doing so the theoretical discourse and professional attributes for the adaptation and preservation of this type of heritage.

MA Conservation Architecture promoted creative/digital methods in heritage documentation and analysis: for example, the use of digital tools in recording, archiving, and analysing historic buildings in preparation for the evaluation of the cultural significance. Material preservation and repair methods were explored as integral parts of designing the conservation proposal.

Course leader – Dr Tarek Teba

Teaching Team - Dr Tarek Teba, Dr Milena Metalkova-Markova

MA Conservation Architecture: Projects
MA Conservation Architecture: Work
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