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MA_Jess Morrey_The Wood Wide Web of Monte Toc Intergration of Transdiciplinary experiences


in Interior Architecture, Sustainable Cities, and Conservation Architecture

The MA courses are located in the School of Architecture and taught within an interdisciplinary environment.  Each course has two units to investigate its own specialism, theories and practices.  The courses are brought together through research methods, a module that engages in a range of research practices from visiting local archives to experimental drawing and movement practices. Research methods develops the necessary skills for the Thesis module; a self led written or practice research project which brings together theories and modes of making developed through the specialist units.

In teaching block two, students are given the opportunity to choose between two modules: The Integration of Transdisciplinary Experiences or Work Based Learning.   Integration is taught in small interdisciplinary teams within which students explore a design project and are encouraged to use advanced computer technologies and new computer softwares.  The Eldon workshops support students to engage with 3D printing.  Work Based Learning provides students with the opportunity to explore an aspect of a practice they may be working in or to engage with a live client.  

The MA courses provide a stimulating environment for learning and research: through a creative ethic; responsibility of caring for the well-being of humans and non-humans and the planet; engaging with the local, and global through scale, proximity, distance and connections between cultures, identities, bodies; through fostering a concern for the conservation of the Earth’s resources through the development of appropriate design responses to climate catastrophe

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