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The current pandemic has brought into focus shifts in spatial paradigms from the binaries of inside-outside, home-workplace to networks of material assemblages.  The MA Interior Architecture and Design studio has responded to the current pandemic and asked what is home? What has it been like to be at home, and in one place? The experiences of being at home were used to rethink the future of St Luke’s Church, through the present.

The studio has explored the idea of home through a collaboration with choreographer and academic Victoria Hunter, and the everyday acts that we daily repeat as cleaning our teeth or walking through the front door, down a hall, and into the kitchen. These actions affect the intra-active conversation between body and home, they become our daily practices.  Home as a living space invites a domestic turn towards material practice and the cultivation of place and space through everyday social relations, acts of care, and the ecologies of things.  Domestic actions, materials, human and non-human bodies have been used to trouble architectural modes of practice and production.  

Course leader - Belinda Mitchell

MA Interior Architecture and Design: Projects
MA Interior Architecture and Design: Work
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