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The Master in Architecture builds upon the skills that students gained in their undergraduate studies by providing a challenging, supportive and collaborative environment embedding culture, context and technologies in the design process. The core of the course are the thematic design studios, a palette of themes and explorations which signpost possible pathways for the students to determine their interests and agendas.

The course recognises and utilises the diversity of the coexistence of three different modes of learning (full-time, part-time and DA) and the multicultural backgrounds of our students and staff. We encourage students to be both introspective and outward-facing in their design development, encouraging peer learning and engagement with external guests, live projects, and tutorials with structural and environmental engineers. Sustainability, social responsibility, and the importance of place are part of the ethos shared by all of the studios, which frame a culture of innovation and enquiry within a critical yet always professional context.

The learning experience is enriched with collaborations across various postgraduate programmes, research initiatives, visiting specialists, and a series of lunch lectures to support multidisciplinary design.

Master in Architecture: Welcome


Explore the culmination of two years of study animated by a strong belief in design a social activity, technical investigation and professional integrity and the results of our students’ leaps of imagination and rigour of thinking.

Master in Architecture: Projects


In addition to the people teaching in studio, there is a wider team that supports students.

Project Management: Rebecca Galbraith

Technology: Rebecca Galbraith

History and Theory: Pablo Martinez-Capdevila, Leago Madumo

Dissertation: Catherine Teeling, Antonino Di Raimo, Paula Craft-Pegg, Phevos Kallitsis, Pablo Martinez Capdevila, Elizabeth Tuson, Roger Tyrrell, Tina Wallbridge, Alessandro Zambelli

Practice Management: Phevos Kallitsis

Master in Architecture: Text
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